Find ways to add green in your life

 Taking care of our environment we are taking care of ourselves

Everyone wants to have a good life. We enjoy driving big cars, having a comfortable home with all the amenities: heating and cooling system, big TVs, dishwashers and dryer and all other appliances. We love our gourmet foods and being able to eat bananas all year around even if they have to come from the other side of the world.

But all these things we love and enjoy add to our carbon print. 

Yes, our carbon print: A concept that was new a few years ago but it is constantly being used today.

So… what can we do to live a more SUSTAINABLE Life? Well here you have a few ideas:

     - When possible, walk instead of drive

     - Own a small car, which will consume less fuel

        (and please, drive slowly, it will be more fuel efficient).

     - Turn the lights off when you are not in the room

     - Use green electricity or install a solar system

     - Buying and consuming less, and buying locally

        Before you buy something, ask yourself: Will I get enough out of something to justify 

       the resources that were consumed in making and delivering the product?

     - Plant more plants. LIVE Green

The environment is our home and it provides us with everything we need. By taking care of the environment we are taking care of ourselves.

Why plant Treen and Plants? To start with, they increase the atmospheric oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide.

Many studies show that plants and landscaping are beneficial for our general wellbeing health, making us happier, less stressed and, in a work or academic environment, more productive!

One of the reasons why cities are more stressful is the lack of plants. If we as individuals start include more plant life in our home or office decor, if we add more potted plants in our balconies, we will be helping our cities, streets and building to reach a total NATURAL Style.

Trees and plants sequester CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere as they grow, through the process of photosynthesis. They store the carbon in their leaves, branches, stems, bark and roots. 

An study done by the American Forestry Association found that in just one year, a mature tree absorbs 26 pounds of carbon dioxide and cleans up pollution created by a car driven 11,300 miles. That same tree also provides enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe during an entire year.

Re-establishing native trees to restore forest cover, revegetate marginal agricultural areas and link remnant bush can help address a range of environmental issues. A key issue is climate change.

Trees provide many other benefits over time which may include:

• Increasing atmospheric oxygen

• Assisting with prevention of soil and wind erosion

• Assisting with prevention of water logging and salinity

• Providing habitat for wildlife

• Providing wind breaks & shade


To provide benefits such as: 

• Reduce soil erosion 

• Help combat salinity 

• Provide wind breaks 

• Improve biodiversity 

• Provide habitat for native animals 

• Sequester carbon dioxide 

Plant Any Tree Appropriate for your Region and Climate to Offset Global Warming

Ultimately, trees of any shape, size or genetic origin help absorb CO2. 

Most scientists agree that the least expensive and perhaps easiest way for individuals to help offset the CO2 that they generate in their everyday lives is to plant a tree…any tree, as long as it is appropriate for the given region and climate.  

Some studies estimate that approx 6 trees will sequester 1 tonne of carbon dioxide over their lifetime in areas we plant  

hese days our lives are submerge in a world of concrete, keeping us away from nature.  It is time to get plants back to our homes and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Plus, plants are one of the most multi-purpose things we can bring into our homes: They are beautiful, suited to any taste, and an affordable way to décor your home, outdoors and indoors.

They improve our air quality, bring colour and life to a space, and sometimes even provide us with food or flowers. 

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