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Australian native plants are increasingly popular with both home gardeners and landscapers due to the drought tolerant nature and the fact they are usually very hardy plants. 

Nature's Nectar TM is a select range of quality Australian plants that have been chosen for their excellent form, foliage and flowers

These plants have a compact growth habit and/or long, prolific flowering periods 

  • Flowering plants
  • Low water use once established
  • 180mm pot, silver colour
  • Size: Small, Medium to large plants

Once your Southern Stars TM plant is properly established will grow and thrive with  a little maintenance.

Just remember to trim them to maintain their shape.

Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) - ANPSA

Find a guide of This Guide presents detailed information on a range of Australian plants - Acacia, Banksia, Grevillea, Callistemon, Eremophila, Leptospermum, Melaleuca, Kangaroo Paws and many others.